Simply Luving it


As I was blog hopping, I came across some things that I simply love! So I thought I’ll just share it here! ((:

I got the quote from Braid Creative: Brené Brown. It really impacted me as it is something really close to my heart currently. Especially since I just started my blog, what she shared was very meaningful to me.

The business card is from oh, hello friend: you are loved.: you are …. I love how innovative this business card is and the idea is really interesting. If I were to ever receive a handmade business card, it will really make my day!

Lastly, I’ll like to share about this free printable from Creature Comforts. I’m sure most of us have seen tons of paper designs and crafts that were inspired by fashion and this is another example. I love how creative these people are, to take an idea from someone’s fashion and create something so pretty and wonderful. Whenever I come across something like that, I’ll be immensely impressed, most probably cause I simply don’t have such creative cells in me.

Hope you enjoyed these ideas as much as I did (do).

Card making session

So during the exams period, when I was suppose to have intensive revision sessions, I took small breaks on the Internet and got many ideas for card making. And finally, I found the time to sit down and make those ideas into reality.

This is a Fathers’ Day card. I’ve been seeing a lot of other crafters using this flag concept for their cards and decided to give it a go!


I used the triangles from lilybeedesign and the alphabet stickers are from doodlebug design inc. and October Afternoon. To complete the look, I used a black marker to add the doted line across ‘flags’.

Another card I’ve made is a birthday one.


For this card, I used a long-ish concept with kraft paper and layered it with a white cardstock. I first tied the ribbon using a purple string, before adhering the white cardstock to the kraft one. The flower attached is from Little Yellow Bicycle and the ‘Happy Birthday’ sticker is from crate paper.

And the last card that I would like to share today would be the one that I intend to give to my father for Fathers’ Day!


I cut out the banner shapes from some left over papers I’ve used for previous crafts and chose buttons with similar colors to match. To make the ribbon, I tied a double knot first, and unraveled all the strings that made the twine. Had to try a couple of times, and in this case, there were too many white strings after unraveling them, so I ended up cutting them off. So, to add a sentiment, I got the ‘I love you’ sticker from Little Yellow Bicycle. And finally, I adhered it onto a dark blue cardstock to make it more ‘manly’ for my daddy.

So that’s all I’ve got for today! Will add the other cards that I’ve made soon. ((:

New Beginning

I’ve finally decided to step out of my comfort zone and start documenting my craft journey. I’ve been procrastinating about publishing them online cause it felt like I’m putting part of me out there for the world to judge. Until a couple months back, I stumbled upon a paper craft book in the library (I don’t remember the title anymore), and it mentioned about profiting from your hobbies and things like that. I don’t think I’m ready to go into such a big scale kind of thing but it got me to re-think about taking the first step and documenting all the things I’ve done. And so, perhaps I should just take that leap.

Doing things from scratch has always given me a sense of accomplish when the final product is done, be it baking or paper crafting. My sister often comment about how weird I am cause I found it therapeutic doing things like that. No matter how busy my schedule is or how tight the deadlines are, hand making things have been a form of stress relief for me.

I started out my paper craft journey from Christmas cards. Christmas means a lot to me, partly because I’m a Christian, also cause it’s such a happy season. But anyways, I got more interested in doing such crafts that I made scrap books for my friends and small  gifts during events like Valentine’s Day. I found joy not only from doing these crafts, but to be able to give them to my dearest friends. And so now, I embark onto the journey of documenting all these love gifts! HAHA! Hope I’ll have the perseverance to keep it up.