Simply Luving It #2


In this post of ‘Simply Luving It’, I’ve got something unusual, which I’m pretty sure all of you are wondering about after seeing the picture above. I hope you know that I’m referring to that first picture of the couple with the elephant. Well, I’ll have to admit that this one was added purely for my own benefit. I really like elephants and seeing this post from Style Me Pretty of this couple getting married at Thailand and having a photo shoot with an elephant got me really excited. So, I couldn’t help sharing it here.

Back to the ‘normal’ side, I chanced upon these pretty daffodils on The House That Lars Built. I thought it was a really detailed and beautiful paper craft, with a well mix of colors which I’m simply loving. If you’re loving it too, the flowers can be bought from their etsy store!

Lastly, I would like to share the DIY word search gift wrap from Mini-eco. I thought the idea was really brilliant and special. It may take some time to get the letters jumbled up in the way you want them to, but I believe it would be worth the effort! ((:

I hope all of you are loving these posts too! ((:

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