Card making session #3

Hi, so for today, I have a card to share with you all. And I’ve added some tutorials I’ve found to show you how to go about doing the embellishment from scratch.


This is a card that I did for a pal of mine for her birthday last year. So what I did was used a yellowish cardstock for the base and added 2 pieces of paper with a generally similar color scheme for the background. Then I attached the pretty ribbon and the flower from this paper flower kit.

But we can’t be buying the flower kits again and again to make these cards. So to make paper flowers, I managed to find this tutorial that gives a small twist to it. The tutorial is done by Christina and I thought it was pretty interesting how she added on the borders.

Recently, I’ve found this other way of doing these flowers. You can take a look here. It seems like a less tedious way of doing it, since you won’t have to fiddle around that long stripe of zig zag paper, forcing it to conform to the circle we want.

Okay. So that’s all I’ve got for this post. Hope you all will have a great time learning from those tutorials!

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