SURPRISE – 21st birthday

So, my sister just celebrated her 21st birthday some time in mid September! I wanted to do a guest book/scrapbook kind of thing for her initially since I’ve done it for most of my close pals on their 21st. However she decided to have a small intimate dinner with the family and I thought it would be better if what I did could include her friends. So, when I stumbled upon this blog post from Oh Happy Day!, I knew I had to do it!



I contacted her friends about a month before, hoping to get sufficient response. I wanted it to be a surprise, but was worried it would slip out (which has happened tons of times previously), so I was really glad that she had no clue about it! ((: Though there were some hiccups with the balloons, I would say, overall, it would be considered a successful surprise and have to thank all her friends who participate and contributed to it!

Some tips that I have:

  1. It wasn’t easy to find small envelops that were sold individually, so it might be more convenient to just make them yourself.
  2. Buying envelops/balloons individually isn’t cheap at all. I’m going to reuse the envelops for my Christmas cards! HAHA! As for the balloons, well, if you aren’t so picky about the colors, it would save you some money to simply buy a multi color packet and use it.
  3. Rather than going straight onto the wall to paste the envelops, it helped immensely to plan it out on the floor and take a picture of it as a guide.

And what is a birthday without a cake!


We got the cake customised by Ristorante Da Valentino. Check out their Facebook for more of their pretty cake creations!

Hope this post has given you some inspiration for what you can do for someone’s birthday! ((:

Simply Luving It #12

Well, school has started for a month already, and things are getting really crazy and hectic with all the projects and mid terms coming. But I really wanted to share  this recent find of mine! Although it’s not connected to any paper crafts or stuff that I’ve been sharing, I’ve had this burning desire to share it ever since I’ve found it! (Being a little melodramatic here… Please pardon me. ) I came across this video below and I’ve been seriously addicted to Caroline Hirons blog!

I’ve always been very conscious about my complexion, as it’s no where near good. I’ve got combination skin, with a really oily t-zone, yet dehydrated still. And with the humid Singapore weather, it can get really irritating! Of course, it has improved greatly since my teen years, but I’m still quite bothered about it and have always been on the look out for tips and products to use. I’ve been seeing the same dermatologist for quite some time and I believe that he has helped me greatly. However, for basic skincare products, I do keep my eyes open on what is on the market.

What got my attention in the video was how Ms Hirons spoke very frankly and gave really good tips! I really enjoyed the video and have watched it like about 5 times. HAHA! Anyways, not all the products she recommends are readily available in Singapore, and even if they are, some are sold at a really high price! And so, I’ve been searching the web for the past couple of days for what I wanted, looking into various sites to see compare prices and stuff. HAHA!

Anyways, the main idea was to share Ms Hirons blog. I’m really enjoy reading it and am very excited to try out the products she’s recommended. If you’re staying in Sg too, you might want to try out some of these sites: and Luxola.

Hope you will find the video as helpful to you as it is to me! ((:

Graduation Class of 2013

One major milestone in life, from my perspective, would be to graduate from university and enter the workforce. So for today, I’ve got some graduation ideas to share for card/scrapbook making.


I got this idea from Crate Paper and decided to re-create the card since I’ve got the materials and I really liked the design. I used the hot air balloon and stars from BasicGrey and the chipboard letters are from American Crafts.

Also, a friend of mine had a mini graduation party, and I helped make a small album for her. Thought I should share a couple of pages here.


I got the book from Paper Market and most of the graduation related stickers are from mambi sticks. Of course, I had to use other materials, which are from the stuff that I’ve stocked up over the years.

So, that’s about all I’ve got to share for this post. Hope you enjoyed it.

Simply Luving It #11: Wiring


I’m sure many of us have encountered problems trying to untangle our wires, figure out which belongs to which equipment, or even having trouble to conceal them (which can be really annoying especially in a beautifully designed place)! So for this post, I have 3 ideas (on the left) for organising the wires and the rest is for ‘concealing’ them!

Maiko NagaoApartment Therapy and Landee See, Landee Do has some pretty smart ideas using cheap and easy-to-find materials.

Maisie Broadhead came up with these brilliant cable drawings that helps camouflage/enhance the appearance of the wiring. For something more direct and ‘do-able’, Brit + Co. has consolidated 11 ways to cover the wires. To add on, I found this DIY holder from Make It and Love It that pretty much conceals the wires too.

These are some of the ideas that I’ve found and loved. If you are experiencing trouble with your wires, try them out! ((: