Christmas Cards 2013 #5

The cards that I am going to share today is actually designed by my sister, and I really liked how it turned out! ((: So here it is!


When she saw the present embellishments on my table, she was like ‘oh, it would be nice to have a card filled with presents’. And so here are the presents! The presents are mostly from Ruby, Rock-it and { my mind’s eye }. The sentiment was also from the same Winter Wonderland set from { my mind’s eye }. I decided to add the blue glitter borders so that the card would have a more complete finish.

And cause I loved how the card turned out and we don’t have snow in Singapore…


I came up with this! The snowflakes are from Studio Calico and some cupboard chip set that I’ve had since a few years back. For some of the flakes, I added some pearl embellishment on them to give more shine to the card on a whole. The sentiment is from Art Warehouse. And for this card, I added a gold border.

So these are the cards I have to share for this post! Hope you like them!

Christmas Cards 2013 #4

I’m back with another 2 christmas cards to share! I’m sharing them at the same time as they are similar and I used the same silver background. HEE!


I used the silver chevron paper I got from Amy Tangerine and you’ll see bits and pieces of it around my other cards too. I really love how versatile it is and how it suits my needs for my christmas cards. So anyways, I kept this card pretty simple. The snowman is from { my mind’s eye } Winter Wonderland series. The word ‘magic’ is from Studio Calico and ‘season’ is from an alphabet sticker I’ve had for awhile in my collection.


For this other card, I used the snowman tag from something I got a few years back, so I can’t seem to find it online anymore. And I pasted the alphabet stickers on top for the sentiment.

These cards are fairly easy to do. I hope you all like it and would find some inspiration! ((:

Christmas Cards 2013 #3

For the card(s) that I have to share today, I actually saw the design from somewhere awhile back. I think it’s from Anthropologie or Rifle Paper Co, but I can’t seem to find it on their website anymore. Anyways, when I saw the design I really liked it, but as I have terrible handwriting, I have been procrastinating about making it into a card on my own. But I’ve finally found the courage and here they are.

First Attempt

First Attempt

So I basically wrote out the words roughly with a pencil, then go over it with a black fine point Sharpie pen. But I realised that the lines don’t seem to flow nicely cause they weren’t drawn over too well. And so, I decided to go over it with the gold glitter glue. It made it look much better and I really liked the effect, though it’s still no where near perfect.

And in my attempt to perfect it…

Second Attempt

Second Attempt

I wasn’t too pleased with the spacing of my lines at the end. So…


Third Attempt

And then I thought… This is actually my lowest cost card and since I like the design so much…


Fourth Attempt

HAHA! This one I had the most difficulty with, the spacing gave me a headache and I re-sketched quite a number of times. But as you can see, it is still no where perfect. But anyways, I still like it a lot.

So I hope you all like this design as much as I do and try it out sometime! ((:

Christmas Cards 2013 #2

Hi! Today, I’m back with another Christmas card! ((:


This card is pretty straight forward. I used buttons from the collection I have, to create the shape of a triangle to be the ‘tree’. The star right on top is from Petaloo and I used some twine to form the trunk. I think the difficult part about this card was to fit the buttons properly and arrange them into the ideal shape, but it was great fun to do it and there was a sense of accomplishment once it’s pasted nicely!

So, this is the card I’ve got to share today! Hope you liked it!

Christmas Cards 2013 #1

So as mentioned in my previous post, I’ve started making Christmas cards!! And now I’ll share with all of you the cards that I’ve made. Some of them are re-creations, while others are from my own imaginations. My initial plan for this year’s cards was to use the colors blue, silver and gold only. However, I realised that most of the Christmas material were in red and green. I tried my best, but you’ll see that I wasn’t able to stick to the plan. HAHA! Anyways, hope you all will like them and find some inspiration!

FIrst up!


I got my card stocks from Grant Studios, they’re priced at S$19.90 at PaperMarket and came in a box of 50. I used shimmery blue thread in the color ‘Twilight’ from We R Memory Keepers and went round the light blue snow flaked paper I chose. Something that you might want to note, while bringing the thread round the paper, it is important to scotch tape them near the edge of the paper at the back. If not, the thread will become loose and the shape won’t stay. The snowman is from Petaloo and the sentiment is from Creative Imaginations.

I really liked the design, and so I made another one!


The golden thread here is in the color ‘Goldilocks’ and I added the 2 small studs on the sentiment to make it look better (hopefully). HAHA.

So this is what I have to share with you all for the first Christmas Cards post! Hope you have enjoyed what I’ve got to share today! ((:

DIY Gifts #3

Today, I’m back with another DIY gift I made for my dance friends. We just had our annual concert back in September and I wanted to make them something. So, I decided to re-create the Hershey’s Kisses Flower and Hershey’s Shamrock. I have had this idea pinned on my pinterest for ages but never had the occasion to do them! And I thought this would be a great time to finally do it and so here they are!


I had tons of fun making them and you can click on the links above to access the detailed tutorials. Qbee’s Quest has done tons of these Hershey’s chocolate related gifts and I believe you will definitely find one suitable for your needs! ((: I decided on this mainly cause it’s a dance production and people usually give flowers and chocolates. I thought this was a great take on the typical gifts, allowing the flowers to last forever and the chocolates to be kisses too! ((:

Some points that I would like to share:

  1. For a pack of 340g of Hershey’s Kisses, there are about 72-74 kisses. I completely over bought cause the salesperson gave me a wrong estimate, so I thought this bit of information would help! ((:
  2. For the middle slot, you might want to consider cutting it slightly more than half an inch in. What happened to me was that the slots did not align properly, so there were paper sticking out and I had to keep cutting them deeper so that they would turn out better.
  3. Having a template to start is really important! The template made my life so much easier cause I could use a pair of scissors and cut the slots rather than measuring them one by one and using a ruler and penknife to cut the slots out nicely. ((:
  4. I made a number of extras and I find them to be really great gifts to people, like to show them my appreciation for favors they’ve done for me! ((: So maybe you could keep a stash for these ’emergencies’.

I believe that’s all I have to share for now. If I think of anything else, I’ll leave my comments! ((: Hope you all have enjoyed this post and find it useful should you decide to attempt them! On a side note, I’ve started to do my Christmas cards, and am really excited to share them here. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to it soon!