Christmas Cards 2013 #1

So as mentioned in my previous post, I’ve started making Christmas cards!! And now I’ll share with all of you the cards that I’ve made. Some of them are re-creations, while others are from my own imaginations. My initial plan for this year’s cards was to use the colors blue, silver and gold only. However, I realised that most of the Christmas material were in red and green. I tried my best, but you’ll see that I wasn’t able to stick to the plan. HAHA! Anyways, hope you all will like them and find some inspiration!

FIrst up!


I got my card stocks from Grant Studios, they’re priced at S$19.90 at PaperMarket and came in a box of 50. I used shimmery blue thread in the color ‘Twilight’ from We R Memory Keepers and went round the light blue snow flaked paper I chose. Something that you might want to note, while bringing the thread round the paper, it is important to scotch tape them near the edge of the paper at the back. If not, the thread will become loose and the shape won’t stay. The snowman is from Petaloo and the sentiment is from Creative Imaginations.

I really liked the design, and so I made another one!


The golden thread here is in the color ‘Goldilocks’ and I added the 2 small studs on the sentiment to make it look better (hopefully). HAHA.

So this is what I have to share with you all for the first Christmas Cards post! Hope you have enjoyed what I’ve got to share today! ((:

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