DIY Gifts #4

I’m back as promised and have a DIY gift to share. I made it for my friends on Valentines’ Day this year and thought there might be a few points that I could share to those of you who like this idea. So for this gift, the tutorial is over at Crème de la Craft and she provides a step-by-step guide on how to create it.


Her guide is pretty comprehensive, and the gift is relatively easy to do especially since the materials are easily available. This is a really sweet gift cause it is filled with so much wonderful memories! Some points that I could share would be as follows:

  1. So the printer I have at home doesn’t exactly print out well and so I went to get my photos printed at the shop, in 4R. So for those who are going to get them printed in 4R size, your pictures would be at 4″ by 4″ and your cardstock should be 8″ by 4″. It’s still a good size and
  2. For the chipboard, you’ll be wrapping it up anyways, so it can be any cardboard. I used cereal boxes and cut them at 4.5″ by 4.5″.
  3. Something to keep in mind when wrapping the chipboard is that the edges have to be presentable too. So you might want to take note the overlapping wrapping paper.
  4. When measuring the length of the string, make sure it is done when the book is closed. If not, the string might be too short!
  5. When pasting the chipboard onto the book, you might want to note that if you place it right in the center, opening the book could be a bit of a problem cause the spine would overlap. Therefore, pasting it a bit more outwards might be better.

That’s about all I have to share for this lovely momento. If you have any questions or something to share, please feel free to! ((:

Simply Luving It #11: Wiring


I’m sure many of us have encountered problems trying to untangle our wires, figure out which belongs to which equipment, or even having trouble to conceal them (which can be really annoying especially in a beautifully designed place)! So for this post, I have 3 ideas (on the left) for organising the wires and the rest is for ‘concealing’ them!

Maiko NagaoApartment Therapy and Landee See, Landee Do has some pretty smart ideas using cheap and easy-to-find materials.

Maisie Broadhead came up with these brilliant cable drawings that helps camouflage/enhance the appearance of the wiring. For something more direct and ‘do-able’, Brit + Co. has consolidated 11 ways to cover the wires. To add on, I found this DIY holder from Make It and Love It that pretty much conceals the wires too.

These are some of the ideas that I’ve found and loved. If you are experiencing trouble with your wires, try them out! ((:

Simply Luving It #10


The first thing I would like to share in this post is something that I’ve discovered awhile ago. It’s the Whimseybox and Umba Box. It’s such a pity that it is not available in Singapore as I would love to subscribe to it and get into the crafty box! For those who have yet to hear of it, it’s the craft version of Birchbox. So basically, you subscribe for it, pay a fee and you will get a box of goodies delivered to you monthly!  Won’t it be such an exciting moment whenever you receive the box?!

Largely due to my love for elephants, this elephant garland really caught my attention. If I can figure out where to hang it in my home, I would definitely purchase it from the etsy store!

I have 2 more so-called wall decors for this post. Firstly, it’s the Kraft Paper grocery list idea. Well, it is something like a whiteboard/chalkboard that you hang on the wall. However, since it’s paper, we can just use whatever pens we have on hand. Furthermore, the house won’t get dusty with all the chalk and the users won’t get exposed to too much chemical smell from the markers.

And lastly! DESIGNLOVEFEST posted this pretty backdrop and I couldn’t resist, and have to share! It’s so colorful and the use of the shapes and cuts are pretty interesting.

Hope you really enjoyed the post! ((:

Simply Luving It #9: Washi Tape


The wonders of washi tape – to transform something simple to something beautiful! When I was first exposed to washi tape, I didn’t truly understand what it can do for me! But after reading The King of Masking Tape, you can say, I’m transformed. I’m now more willing to try them out and reap the benefits of these simple looking tapes!

They can really do wonders to almost everything. Creature Comforts shows how washi tape can brighten up a simple wrapping, oh, hello friend gave us a sample on how to change the appearance of a notebook, while Creme de la Craft transformed a clear poly envelope to a colorful, fashionable clutch.

It’s uses for decoration does not just stop here. Etsy blog shared a tutorial by Nina on creating the wonderful mural as seen in the picture. Furthermore, Brit + Co. has had tons of articles to display the uses of washi tape. 2 that I would like to share would be the ones on decorating the dining table and on remodeling of your workspace. I’ve also found a couple of washi tape tutorials done by Lia Griffith. One is for monograms while the other is for notebook and pencils!

I recently stumbled on this shop, cute tape that has tons of washi tape with different designs, and they ship internationally! ((: If you need ideas on how to store all these tape, Craft & Creativity might be able to provide you with some inspiration!

So that’s all I’ve got to share! Do you have any brilliant uses of washi tape that you would like to share? Fell free to leave a comment if you do!

Simply Luving It #8


Just some things that I’ve found online that I would love to share. Starting with the first picture, they’re initial rings from Catbird. When I chanced upon them, I thought they were really pretty and considered getting it for myself. However, this is definitely a splurge version of the initial rings, which I would most probably only seriously consider getting when I start working. On my trip to London, I stumbled upon something similar at Urban Outfitters and couldn’t resist getting them, especially since they were £10. ((: I can’t seem to find it on their online store, so I can’t link it. Sorry!

The next thing that I have to share is a really brilliant, interesting idea! They are Icebreaker Place Cards from MarryThis! I’m sure many of us have experienced going to a wedding and feeling terribly awkward cause you are surrounded by strangers. Especially for introverts like me who feel really uncomfortable breaking the ice, this place card will help give you a jump-start to the conversation with your neighbors.

Lastly, I found this really talented artist, Kelli Anderson, from her Paper Type Experiment. Some of the things she did with paper and letters are truly inspiring and so I thought to share.

Hope you have enjoyed these finds of mine as much as I did!

Simply Luving It #6


The first picture from Sheek Shindigs shows some beautifully plated dishes made by fruits and vegetables. Personally, as a child, I really disliked eating veggies and I know many other children who don’t like eating them too. So this post really amazed me about what parents would do to make their child eat them. ((:

This 3-tier stacked drink dispenser is totally on my wishlist! It’s really a great idea and good to have during a party.

Lastly, for this post, How About Orange has created these stunningly beautiful cards using metallic foil and a laser printer. I would love to try them out soon! ((:

Till the next post then!

Card making session #3

Hi, so for today, I have a card to share with you all. And I’ve added some tutorials I’ve found to show you how to go about doing the embellishment from scratch.


This is a card that I did for a pal of mine for her birthday last year. So what I did was used a yellowish cardstock for the base and added 2 pieces of paper with a generally similar color scheme for the background. Then I attached the pretty ribbon and the flower from this paper flower kit.

But we can’t be buying the flower kits again and again to make these cards. So to make paper flowers, I managed to find this tutorial that gives a small twist to it. The tutorial is done by Christina and I thought it was pretty interesting how she added on the borders.

Recently, I’ve found this other way of doing these flowers. You can take a look here. It seems like a less tedious way of doing it, since you won’t have to fiddle around that long stripe of zig zag paper, forcing it to conform to the circle we want.

Okay. So that’s all I’ve got for this post. Hope you all will have a great time learning from those tutorials!

Simply Luving It #5: Pom Poms


POM POMS!! I’m sure to many of us, pom poms are linked closely to many happy memories! So, pom poms should be integrated into as many parts of our lives as possible! ((:

To start off, the top left picture shows pom pom push pins from Anthropologie! They have such wonderfully bright colors that you can use to pin up notes, reminders, etc. These will be a great addition to the office stationary that is currently at your office. I’m sure it will bring some smiles onto your face during working hours! ((:

Moving on, I have 2 pom pom wrapping ideas/tutorial to share. They are from Sugar & Cloth and Brit + Co.. Sugar & Cloth’s tutorial shows you how to go about designing the pom pom you’ve created to make it more unique. While Brit + Co. gives you ideas on the different materials that can be used to create the pom pom! Hope this will give you more ideas to juggle around and have fun with!

Pom poms AND balloons!! Aren’t they one of the best combination to create a great party atmosphere? Well, I thought so! So when I saw this idea from Design Improvised, I knew I had to share it!

Lastly for the pom pom sharing post! It’s a pretty top worn by Bri from Design Love Fest! I’m loving the colors and I think she looks great in them!

Hope this post has revived your love for POM POMS! If you have came across any other wonderful pom pom related things that you would like to share, feel free to leave a comment! ((:

DIY gifts


(picture from Shanice)

I made these small gifts for my dancer friends about a year ago, and I thought it would be nice to share. We did an item related to mannequins, so I thought of giving them something that would reflect some resemblance. I stumbled upon these dress die cuts and the idea of making bookmarks with jumbo paper clips. I managed to find the paper clips at Daiso, and so, I was ready to create the gift!

I used the template to cut out the dress shape onto various craft papers in the multiple of 2 for the back and front. For each ‘mannequin’ I used ribbons and pearl embellishments to decorate the dress. I glued the paper clip onto the dress shapes and used foam adhesive between the papers for a 3D effect.

I got the notebooks from Daiso too, for $2 each, but I’m sure you can easily find notebooks of various sizes depending on your preference elsewhere. I wrapped the notebooks using the dancer wrapping paper bought from a store at Takashima, NBC.

And so the picture shows the final product! ((:

Simply Luving It #3: Geometry


Over the past few weeks, I’ve realised that there has been many talented people using geometry for their designs. Geometry is something that I’m sure many of us learnt when we were just kids. And to create beautiful things out of something so simple truly amazes me. Therefore, today, I would like to share a few of such creation with you.

The Hanging Diamond Decor comes from Sugar & Cloth. There’s a tutorial for it that I’ve linked so you can reference to and perhaps make one for yourself!

The geometric desktop wallpaper is designed by breanna rose. It’s a free download, so go ahead and click on the link to download it. There are other desktop wallpapers available for you to download too.

The patterned journal cards are from Luvly Marketplace. This free file download includes patterned and floral prints that uses vibrant colors to enhance the design. Go download and print it to send someone special a beautifully designed card! ((:

I especially love this next one! They are pinatas!! These geometric creation is from HAPPINESS IS…, where she uses the different geometry shapes to create these colorful pinatas. I think it’s a great item to have during a party! Just hanging one of these, filled with tons of goodies, would be a great addition to the decor for a party!

Lastly for the geometric designs, they are Wood Clouds from Paper & Snitch. In her post, the clouds are meant to be wall decorations. I love how she uses one simple shape that all of us are very familiar with- circle, to create this decor.

It has been a true joy sharing these ideas with you! Hope you enjoy them too!