Simply Luving It #3: Geometry


Over the past few weeks, I’ve realised that there has been many talented people using geometry for their designs. Geometry is something that I’m sure many of us learnt when we were just kids. And to create beautiful things out of something so simple truly amazes me. Therefore, today, I would like to share a few of such creation with you.

The Hanging Diamond Decor comes from Sugar & Cloth. There’s a tutorial for it that I’ve linked so you can reference to and perhaps make one for yourself!

The geometric desktop wallpaper is designed by breanna rose. It’s a free download, so go ahead and click on the link to download it. There are other desktop wallpapers available for you to download too.

The patterned journal cards are from Luvly Marketplace. This free file download includes patterned and floral prints that uses vibrant colors to enhance the design. Go download and print it to send someone special a beautifully designed card! ((:

I especially love this next one! They are pinatas!! These geometric creation is from HAPPINESS IS…, where she uses the different geometry shapes to create these colorful pinatas. I think it’s a great item to have during a party! Just hanging one of these, filled with tons of goodies, would be a great addition to the decor for a party!

Lastly for the geometric designs, they are Wood Clouds from Paper & Snitch. In her post, the clouds are meant to be wall decorations. I love how she uses one simple shape that all of us are very familiar with- circle, to create this decor.

It has been a true joy sharing these ideas with you! Hope you enjoy them too!