Getting Inspirations

I just got back from London on Friday and it was an amazing experience to explore the city of London. On my trip, I saw many paper craft stuff, including cards, notelets, wrapping papers and many other wonderful stuff which I don’t get to see often in Singapore. It really exposed me to many different kinds of artists out there and I decided to share some of them in this post.


These are from rockscissorpaper. I’ve stumbled upon their blog before, where they posted some wallpaper downloads for iPhones. I didn’t realize they create all these wonderful, cute designs for journals, mugs, cards, etc. Furthermore, they also create personalized stationary for you.

Marby & Elm

The above shows some of Marby & Elm‘s creation. They design greeting cards, notecards, notelets, invitations, etc. If you’re interested in their products, feel free to drop by their etsy store! ((:

made by b

made by b create these unique cards with matching tags. The cards caught my attention from the simplicity of it and the cute definition added, like from a dictionary!

Paperback design

Paperback design does some designs exclusively for Liberty in London. They sell various things, ranging from cards and notelets to wrapping paper and gift tags, with all kinds of themes such as traveling, cooking, birds, etc.

Alexa Pulitzer

I’m sure many of you might find these designs pretty familiar. They are from Alexa Pulitzer who does some designing exclusively for companies such as Anthropologie, Tory Burch, Mignon Faget, etc. This artist produces many collections, from notecards to desktop accessories, menus, cups, napkins and many others.

Scibble & Daub

This last one that I’ll be sharing is from Scribble & Daub. They create all these illustrated cards for all sorts of events and greetings, such as new baby, bon voyage, birthdays, love, etc. I love the fact that they are ‘illustrated’, giving it a more personalized touch to the cards.

That’s all I have for this post. Hope it gave you tons of inspirations and new artists to explore. ((: