Simply Luving It #12

Well, school has started for a month already, and things are getting really crazy and hectic with all the projects and mid terms coming. But I really wanted to share  this recent find of mine! Although it’s not connected to any paper crafts or stuff that I’ve been sharing, I’ve had this burning desire to share it ever since I’ve found it! (Being a little melodramatic here… Please pardon me. ) I came across this video below and I’ve been seriously addicted to Caroline Hirons blog!

I’ve always been very conscious about my complexion, as it’s no where near good. I’ve got combination skin, with a really oily t-zone, yet dehydrated still. And with the humid Singapore weather, it can get really irritating! Of course, it has improved greatly since my teen years, but I’m still quite bothered about it and have always been on the look out for tips and products to use. I’ve been seeing the same dermatologist for quite some time and I believe that he has helped me greatly. However, for basic skincare products, I do keep my eyes open on what is on the market.

What got my attention in the video was how Ms Hirons spoke very frankly and gave really good tips! I really enjoyed the video and have watched it like about 5 times. HAHA! Anyways, not all the products she recommends are readily available in Singapore, and even if they are, some are sold at a really high price! And so, I’ve been searching the web for the past couple of days for what I wanted, looking into various sites to see compare prices and stuff. HAHA!

Anyways, the main idea was to share Ms Hirons blog. I’m really enjoy reading it and am very excited to try out the products she’s recommended. If you’re staying in Sg too, you might want to try out some of these sites: and Luxola.

Hope you will find the video as helpful to you as it is to me! ((: