Card making session #5

Hey guys! I know I’ve MIA-ed for a very long time and I’m really sorry about it. The past months have been exceptionally eventful and I haven’t had the time to update! I’ve got a couple of posts prepared that should be up within the coming month! And hopefully it will inspire you! ((:

For today, I’ll share 2 cards that I made at the beginning of May. The ideas actually came from 9th Letter Press, so they are not exactly original… HEE! You guys should click on the link and check out the various cards that they have. Some of them are really cute and inspiring!

So the first card was made for my mother and here it is!




I’m sure if you head down to the website, you’ll be able to spot whichever card I’ve chosen to remake pretty quickly! When I first saw that card, it struck me as a really lovely and meaningful card and I was inspired to recreate it!

I chose a yellow background mainly cause that is my mom’s favorite color! It took awhile to find the right patterned paper though as the repetition of shapes was crucial in the original card. If you’ve seen the one on the website, the words are – Mom, you’re one of a kind. I’ve changed the words in here, cause my sister commented that I might sound too sarcastic with those words and I liked these anyways! And… I’m rambling.

So anyways, the words were written on a white cardstock in a red marker and highlighted to make the words pop! Then it was pasted on the red scalloped edge paper before going onto the main base. It’s pretty straightforward if you wish to recreate it and my mom loved it. One great plus about making the card is that by tweaking the wording, it can be made for anyone! ((:

Moving on to the next card, it’s intended to go to my father and I’m sure you can guess why.


This card was a little more tedious. I tried to be lazy and went straight into the coloring without measuring… All I can say is DON’T. HAHA!

On a white cardstock, measure out the boxes with the measurement of 0.75 inch x 0.75 inch, and an estimated 3mm in between to mark out 6 squares across and 3 down. Then colore and cut out the size of the paper accordingly. For the black diagonal lines, try not to use a pen/marker that is too thin. Those 0.5 markers will do just fine.

So these are the cards that I’ve got to share today. Hope you liked it!! ((: And I’ll try to post more consistently!