iPhone/iPad Apps I Love

So recently, I’ve been blessed to come into the possession of an iPad mini. I’m loving it, especially for it’s portability (as compared to a laptop)! Of course, my laptop still stores all my to-die-for information and I couldn’t live without it.¬†However, I have found a number of amazing FREE apps for my mini and would like to share them.

  1. Pinterest – I have been using the website to gather inspiration and keep track of ideas that I come across online. So, the app helps improve my convenience by allowing me to keep track of these wonderful ideas on the go.
  2. Brit + Co. – I really love this site and their app version helps me stay updated with their latest posts.
  3. Evernote – I believe it’s a little slow of me, but I have only just discovered this app. So I’m still learning it’s uses, but so far, it’s been been very helpful for my note taking.
  4. Penultimate – this app allows you to draw, write and scribble on. So basically, you can just doodle on it while your creative juices are flowing. When typing on the mini isn’t ideal for what I have in mind, this app has served me really well!
  5. Studio Design – I only stumbled upon this app on Tuesday night through the recommendation by¬†The House That Lars Built. And I think it has a pretty amazing concept, it’s like a basic photoshop for the phone! I’m really addicted to it and have created 9 designs so far!

So, these are the apps that I’ve been using and really like. If you have come across other apps that might not be that well known, but really useful to you, please feel free to share them with me! I hope these 5 apps will serve you as well as it did me! Enjoy! ((: