Simply Luving It #8


Just some things that I’ve found online that I would love to share. Starting with the first picture, they’re initial rings from Catbird. When I chanced upon them, I thought they were really pretty and considered getting it for myself. However, this is definitely a splurge version of the initial rings, which I would most probably only seriously consider getting when I start working. On my trip to London, I stumbled upon something similar at Urban Outfitters and couldn’t resist getting them, especially since they were £10. ((: I can’t seem to find it on their online store, so I can’t link it. Sorry!

The next thing that I have to share is a really brilliant, interesting idea! They are Icebreaker Place Cards from MarryThis! I’m sure many of us have experienced going to a wedding and feeling terribly awkward cause you are surrounded by strangers. Especially for introverts like me who feel really uncomfortable breaking the ice, this place card will help give you a jump-start to the conversation with your neighbors.

Lastly, I found this really talented artist, Kelli Anderson, from her Paper Type Experiment. Some of the things she did with paper and letters are truly inspiring and so I thought to share.

Hope you have enjoyed these finds of mine as much as I did!

Simply Luving It #4


I stumbled upon this idea of Google Mail Envelopes that I thought was really interesting (though it’s just a prototype now). With the widespread use of the Internet, we often simply send emails rather than taking the time and effort to create a handwritten letter/card/note. I think this is closely linked to the postcards – text less write more. Maybe I’m being sentimental or old fashion, but I’ve always felt that sending letters or greetings cards through the snail mail represented greater sincerity. And most probably cause I have a passion for handmade things, when I saw these 2 posts, it really ‘spoke’ to me.

Something else that I would like to share is a tip from caravan shoppe. It’s on how to upkeep all cutting tools. The post provided a step by step tutorial for you to follow and ensure you tools are sharpened! ((:

Lastly, I would like to share this brilliant idea by The Pleated Poppy! Though it might not be applicable for me, it’s really share-worthy! It’s a Chalkboard Wall! You should really check it out!

That’s all I have for this post! Till next time! ((: