Simply Luving It #9: Washi Tape


The wonders of washi tape – to transform something simple to something beautiful! When I was first exposed to washi tape, I didn’t truly understand what it can do for me! But after reading The King of Masking Tape, you can say, I’m transformed. I’m now more willing to try them out and reap the benefits of these simple looking tapes!

They can really do wonders to almost everything. Creature Comforts shows how washi tape can brighten up a simple wrapping, oh, hello friend gave us a sample on how to change the appearance of a notebook, while Creme de la Craft transformed a clear poly envelope to a colorful, fashionable clutch.

It’s uses for decoration does not just stop here. Etsy blog shared a tutorial by Nina on creating the wonderful mural as seen in the picture. Furthermore, Brit + Co. has had tons of articles to display the uses of washi tape. 2 that I would like to share would be the ones on decorating the dining table and on remodeling of your workspace. I’ve also found a couple of washi tape tutorials done by Lia Griffith. One is for monograms while the other is for notebook and pencils!

I recently stumbled on this shop, cute tape that has tons of washi tape with different designs, and they ship internationally! ((: If you need ideas on how to store all these tape, Craft & Creativity might be able to provide you with some inspiration!

So that’s all I’ve got to share! Do you have any brilliant uses of washi tape that you would like to share? Fell free to leave a comment if you do!