Simply Luving it


As I was blog hopping, I came across some things that I simply love! So I thought I’ll just share it here! ((:

I got the quote from Braid Creative: Brené Brown. It really impacted me as it is something really close to my heart currently. Especially since I just started my blog, what she shared was very meaningful to me.

The business card is from oh, hello friend: you are loved.: you are …. I love how innovative this business card is and the idea is really interesting. If I were to ever receive a handmade business card, it will really make my day!

Lastly, I’ll like to share about this free printable from Creature Comforts. I’m sure most of us have seen tons of paper designs and crafts that were inspired by fashion and this is another example. I love how creative these people are, to take an idea from someone’s fashion and create something so pretty and wonderful. Whenever I come across something like that, I’ll be immensely impressed, most probably cause I simply don’t have such creative cells in me.

Hope you enjoyed these ideas as much as I did (do).